Review Stargazer

The third installment in the Zero G series by Dan Wells. 

Zero, Nyx, and the other Pathfinder colonists have adjusted to life on Kaguya. But Earth has built much faster starships-the Dreamcatcher arrives 10 years early, and the Stargazer arrives so early it actually got there before the Pathfinder did! Now the Stargazer is a lost shipwreck, and the race is on to find it, and who should show up looking for it but Nyx’s dangerous family: Big Mama, Jim, and Kratt. Nyx and Zero will face kidnappers, pirates, shipwrecks, warlords, dragons, and maybe a new ally or two on their way to save the day once again.

As soon as I saw this one got out, I needed to read it, love this series.

One thing that doesn’t seem to amaze me, it how well produced these are, they have a full cast, sounds it just so cool and interactive.

A good point in this one too it’s that is very fast paced and really you don’t seem to have a dull moment in this narration, there’s always something to discover or to ponder an idea about, it do help a lot with your imagination.

Even when this one it’s the 3rd book in the series there’s always something to uncover and new things to try, that’s very nice in this type of books.

And it does teach values, morals and so much more with just a few scenarios, with a few words or thoughts, it’s awesome, perfect book for middle graders and everyone that want to unwind and learn without classes.


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