Review Murder At The Met

November 1928, New York City. No one can keep a secret like high society – especially when that secret is murder.

There are two things Penelope Harris would rather do than get involved with another murder—sing opera and flirt with Thom Lund. When two tickets ensure Penelope and Thom get some precious time together at the Metropolitan opera, neither believes another murder will interrupt their romantic evening.

Fate has a different plan. Before the night is over a failed manufacturing tycoon is found dead at the bottom of a staircase, his poisoned and dying daughter nearby. Is it an accident? Suicide? Or murder? When a fellow soprano pleads for help, Penelope just can’t help her inquisitive nature.

As Penelope pulls back the cover on a diabolical crime, Lund rushes to complete the investigation of a suicide on the Gold Coast of Long Island. What they find will uncover the sordid underbelly of high society and put Penelope on the wrong side of her own gun. 

So at first I wasn’t all that invested there’s was a lot of background in a way and lots of info to put in together, at a point it was a lot to take in, but after a while it did began to grow fast on me.

The characters were very fun and interesting, it was like being in a roller coaster with some of them, and then you began to see the big picture in a way and try to solve the puzzle with them about what it’s happening really in here.

I was intrigued by Penelope’s backstory it was curious so I think at some point I need to read the Jade Tiger and find out.

By the end I was sold, I couldn’t put it down really since it picked up very fast by that time and I was like omg what’s this so good, so it reels you very little by little but that gives it a good feeling.

Very nice for people to like good mysteries and great twists.



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