Review – I Lost My Compass At the Bermuda Triangle and Dream Five

Sophia Lorenzo awoke with no memory or identity and given a mission to murder a mysterious man named Murich Rhys. What will she do? There’s only one way to find out as she heads to his castle and embarks on a long and arduous journey to complete a task she does not want. 

Can she battle the scorching heat of the desert? What lies in the wake and maze of the forest? Can she escape from the Snow Dwellers and the inhabitants of the contentious city of Absolute Zero? 

She heads to the castle to discover who she is and why she was given this task. The truth is just as crazy as her mission. Sophia Lorenzo finds her compass on the Bermuda Triangle and Dream Five.

Since page one sci-fi was clearly a theme on this book, it was a pretty interesting way to see the world.

At first the storyline seemed very convoluted for me, like very dizzying and very easy to lost in it, we did have a very weird heroine, not that it was bad, I think it helps get the impression that any of us could have been maybe put on a similar position.

I will just say poor Paco, he deserved better, I got so sad with that part.

Something it was pretty interesting was that the state of mind of the heroine seemed to fit perfectly with all the craziness going around and it felt very chaotic, or maybe the whole thing was to reflect the fumbled mind of our protagonist? the more you advance the more clearer the objective becomes and in a way I liked that you were learning with her about everything.

At the end I had a lots of fun with this book, it’s very short so it’s a good weekend read.



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