Review State of Emergency

A country under siege.

Nobody can stop it.

Have the terrorists won?

With landmarks being attacked daily, the President makes a controversial decision. As vastly more power is given to FEMA, the American public feel relieved. The media praises the decision. Politicians think they’ve figured it out. Everyone feels safe again.

Then things get worse.

As FEMA enacts more draconian measures, will totalitarianism descend upon the once great nation?

Can Jack Emery stop the madness? Can he survive being on the wrong side of the law?

This time, he’s fighting the Government he’s trying to save.

This one wasn’t bad, just I don’t know Jack seems too immortal for a reporter, or maybe he is just very lucky or too resourceful.

At times this felt very Hollywood like in a way, it was fun with all the twists and madness going on, but they say that fiction imitates reality so could be interesting in a way to know if something like this can happen, and I think we have lived worse already.

A very gritty and suspenseful rollercoasters of will and resources.

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