Guest Post – Interview: Christina Bauer, Author

How do you create your characters? 

For me, the most important part of creating a character is nailing down their voice. In other words, you should be able to read a paragraph of this person and get an instant feel for who they are. My main characters are all warriors in their own way, so I play around with people who fight with knowledge as well as swords. 

Where do you find the plot inspiration?

Once I have my characters set, I brainstorm what could happen that would most challenge them. As an author, it took me a while to get comfortable about doing this. I grow to love my characters and it’s hard to be rough on them. Still, without challenge my characters have nothing to overcome and there’s no story!

What do you like most of the writing process?

There’s a point I reach when writing a book where everything just flows. It’s like the words come through me, not from me, if that makes sense. It’s a natural thrill and my absolute favorite. 

Thanks for having me come by for an interview! I hope to see you on a future launch tour! 



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