DNF Books

The Background

So let’s talk a little about the Did Not Finished books, for me this topic was so hard at the beginning since I was like all books should be read no matter if you liked them or not, you should get to the end.

Now I think every reader feel like this at some point and when you come to a book you don’t like, it’s more like should I continue? and more if you actually ask for it for a tour or otherwise.

But when you grow as a reader, you put thing some thing into perspective too, like this practice of wanting to read everything even if you didn’t like it, it’s actually pretty bad, let’s see why.

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  • It doesn’t let you discover new books, why? because this practice of trying to read something you don’t like get you reader hangover and after that most probably you don’t want to read anything, most commonly what happens at schools.
  • As soon as you stop enjoying reading that’s the end at least for a while since you feel like it’s a chore really and we are reading to relax not to stress out more.
  • Let’s face it, you will wish to be reading something better that you actually like.
  • In the time it take you to read one of those you don’t like you could have read at least 4 of the ones that you wanted to read.

When to leave a book

  • If it feels like a chore and you are not enjoying it.
  • If you keep looking for other things to do instead of pick it up and finish it.
  • When you get the sleepy spell every time you’re reading it, believe me it happens and you will not notice you actually fell asleep and then will be like what happened?
  • If you see it and sigh and dread going back to it.
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What to do with that if you have a book blog

In my case, I decided to do a little graveyard of dnf’s books on my blog, because I don’t think any book it’s bad, just all book has a reader intended to it and maybe that one wasn’t for you that’s all, and it’s a great way to still give them a little exposure even if you didn’t finished it.

Other thing you can do, maybe a top of books you recommend for other people other than yourself or a theme top.

Let me know in your blogs how do you do with dnf’s book?


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