Review Darkness is Mine

One Friday afternoon, senior mining engineer Clay is investigating the safety of Blackwater Mine when he discovers a beautiful woman, dressed in white. Clay’s body is later discovered by the longwall crew, and his death is chalked up to natural circumstances.
However, a few weeks later, thirteen university students arrive, ready to tour the mine. When the cable to the dolly car breaks, it sends the group plummeting to the bottom of the pit.
Soon, it becomes clear that something supernatural is stalking the group, picking off students as its prey.
Trapped under two-hundred-and-fifty metres of stone, will anyone in the group be able to reach the top alive?

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

This one I found about on Voracious Readers and it has lots of interesting books that you can read for free and it’s tailored to your likes so that’s a plus.

This one was very curious for me, the plot was a little complicated at times for me, but it was actually very fun to read.

First Impressions

At the very beginning it’s not what I was expecting to say the least , I do understand that we need to set the background and maybe pace of the story? And yet I was having some dual feeling with our protagonist right there , I mean yes I know miners are very sexists and all but being remined of that every five minutes was a little exhausting.


One thing that I really liked since the beginning was the pop culture references to movies and other stuff they keep mentioning and that obviously I know, it was awesome and I felt included in the plot a little and with the characters, this was what actually made me connect to them.

Another thing was the diversity in the relationships, I loved that a lot.

Final Thoughts

After a few chapters the pace came more steady and picked up very fast by the middle of the book actually and oh my god did it picked up, it was a little disorienting at some point, but that’s exactly what the characters were feeling at the moment so in a way you relate to what’s going on, whatever it is that’s going on with this mine.

By the end, I did like it with all the confusion and weirdness, it was very entertaining.

Have you read it? what was your favorite character and part of the plot


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