Review An Indelible Day

The story accompanies a single day of John C., a man of about thirty. In this short passage of time he has three dialogues with three different people. These dialogues, certainly, have shaped his day and, likely, will exist within him eternally.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This one came to my attention from his author hand, the premise it was very interesting for me actually, we follow C a very normal guy with a nice life going in the ins and out of his day, and the way he interact with others and the way he sees them.

A point that come into my consideration rather quickly is that C looks like he has lots of troubles to express himself in a natural way without creating this persona before talking.

What i found rather curious was the way the story is written actually, it makes me remember very old script in a way so i t threw me off a little there since i thought it was going to be a very modern language.

Another thing that drew me into this story it’s the age of the protagonist being now 35 myself you actually could relate with everything he was going through with, for me that was a very good appeal for this one since, everyone in that age can relate to the routine C has and his feelings.

At the end it does shows this saying about humans being animals of habits, because sometimes something comes to spark a little your day, but at the end our brains will always try to go with it’s best known to us and it will point us on that direction again.

Totally recommended short story if you’re feeling introspective and maybe a little alone in the world.

An interesting short story, recommend a short one


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