Divine error Review

A story about an Demonic Angel in Heaven, and an Angelic Demon in Hell.

Damon always felt out of place, in his surroundings, and at his work. Most would consider it an ordinary problem, but Damon was an angel working in Heaven.

When Damon was redeployed to work on a mission on Earth, things started to become interesting. He was, however, dismayed to find out that he had been assigned as a shoulder Angel to the most boring man on Earth, Joe Smith.

Joe Smith felt stuck at work. His uninspiring job (and not so nice boss), left him exhausted. He hadn’t made any weekend plans for the last six years! He had drifted away from his family, his social life and even, himself. Joe Smith was decidedly neutral, neither good nor bad, and both Heaven and Hell, sent their representatives to try and tip the balance, one way or the other.

Damon’s counterpart sent to Earth was a hopeless demon named Saynt. Saynt was not like the other demons at all. He felt helpless on Earth, without written instructions on what to do, from his Manager.

Together, both Damon and Saynt were on a mission to turn Joe Smith, and tried to change his rigidly affixed, neutral moral compass so that he became qualified to get into either Heaven or Hell. Instead of just changing Joe Smith, however, they will discover that the mission will have transformed all three of them.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This one I won it on a giveaway and it was so fun, I enjoyed it so much, even when it was so short, it’s only 78 pages but oh boy you get lots of laughs with Damon and Saynt.

The author did a good job on this one and if you have been wanting something light for a while, this is perfect, so pick it up now.

Now since the beginning you can tell how much the characters actually are very relatable. I mean we all are very curious and always feel very out of environment, so I think this connection is super good so you can link in a way with this characters.

What appealed more to me it’s the similarities between the protagonist Damon and anyone else, so it’s very cool. Saynt too was so fun, he was so adorable and he is a cat person, loved him so much, I love cats.

The plot is very nice and creative I enjoyed a lot. Even being so short there are so many things happening you actually doesn’t feel that short, it was very well written and presented.

Very recommended if you want to have a relax read.

do you like short stories? what’s the best one you have read.


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