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We’re super excited to share with our readers C.A. Afonso’s Secrets Held Within! This is a murder, mystery, and suspense short story that is sure to thrill! Secrets Held Within is available to read now on Kindle, Nook, and iTunes – grab your copy today!


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Title: Secrets Held Within
Author: C.A. Afonso
Publication Date: October 29th, 2019 by Newman Springs Publishing, Inc.
Genre: Murder, Mystery, and Suspense
Length: Short Story, One-Hour Read, Novelette

Every small town has its share of secrets. Just where Christopher hides his, it’s deep inside.

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Christopher goes into the office, leaving the family. He sits at his desk and waits. Once again, he sits in his chair, slouching his head back, his eyes closed, waiting and hoping that Kimberly comes back to talk to him. In his mind she shakes his hand, looks in his eyes and confesses she loves him too. He tells her that he has always loved her. He pulls her close to him and takes his left hand, placing it on the side of her face and kisses her. Holding her close to him, he can feel her heartbeat on his chest. He holds on to her tightly and whispers in her ear that she will always be his.


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C A Afonso (1974 – Current) Author of her first Novella (Secrets Held Within) published by Newman Springs Publishing 10/2019. She has been a housewife, parent and caregiver for 24 years and decided to put out her writings for publication to reach more people so they can enjoy her work, in hopes of publishing more of her work if everyone would like to read more of her stories in the future. In addition to her short stories, she also writes poetry and has a children’s book she is hoping to publish as well.

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  1. Crystal

    Thank you for sharing with your readers Secrets Held Within by C.A. Afonso. Happy reading! – Crystal @ Author’s Taproom


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