Raycon Trendsetters – My Audible Companions

Last thing of technology I have bought was my Raycon Trendsetters, it was a very weird anecdote, because I was trying to see which ones I wanted and the color and all, when for any reason on my email says than you for buying and I was like what? I haven’t hit anything what’s going on? So I decided since it was already on the card well why not I mean it was already there? and click on order and then bam another email thanks for buying, yet again, it was the most stressful 2 days of my life, waiting to see if they were going to take 85.00 two times? omg terrible feeling.

After all this, it was only one payment they took, but in their favor they responded quickly to my emails and told me to let them know if anything happened, that I didn’t need to but it’s something great to have in mind, their customer service it’s fast and ready if you need them.

They’re pretty comfortable and they don’t weight too much on me, that is usually what happens when I have one of this, particularly I don’t really like the ones you put in your ears they made me uncomfortable really, so I will always prefer this ones better, the materials are very good and the only downside it’s that since here it’s very warm in the day it makes you warmer, but in the night they’re perfect, so keep that in mind depending on the place you are.

I like that they fold it keeps space to a minimum another great feature on this one, another thing I like it’s that it doesn’t scream in your ear if it’s dying or anything, it will be a very normal voice like battery low please charge and you then go and put them to charge no problem, they bring an auxiliary cable just in case you’re in a place that you can’t quickly recharged them so that’s a plus.

They are perfect for listening to audiobooks, that was actually the reason that I bought them since the ones I had didn’t do bluetooth anymore and damn my audiobooks sound amazing on these, the volume it’s like great so it will immerse you fast and since you can actually go an activate the noise cancelling feature, you are going to go to your La La Land super fast and no one will actually take you out from there.

At the beginning I did had some troubles connecting it over with all my things, but I think that was actually me being very rushed and trying to do everything kind of sloppy, but after that they do very good and neat connections so that’s a good thing.

Let’s chat, have you use this brand? you like more over the ear or earbuds?


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