Conspiracy of Silence Review


A totally gripping Wiltshire mystery: the fifth book in the unputdownable DI Gillian Marsh series. Perfect for fans of Lisa Regan and J.R. Ellis.

When a body is found in the grounds of a prestigious Wiltshire private school, DI Gillian Marsh takes on the case. The young groundsman, Bradley Watson, has been shot dead, pierced through the heart with an arrow.

As the investigation gathers pace, DI Marsh is frustrated to find the Whalehurst staff and students united in silence. This scandal must not taint their reputation. But when Gillian discovers pictures of missing Whalehurst pupil, fifteen-year-old Rachel Snyder, on Bradley’s dead body – photos taken on the night she disappeared, and he was murdered – the link between the two is undeniable.

But what is Whalehurst refusing to reveal? And does Gillian have what it takes to bring about justice?

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This one I took at part of a tour and had a lot of funs with this one.

This interesting thriller is a 5 book on a series it seems for detective Marsh, definitely would love to read the others at some time, hopefully before this year end but we will see.

The author Anna Legat, is a paralibrarian, publishing professional, and young adult author. She likes to write stories for all ages in the fantasy genre, and her writing usually contains elements of speculative fiction and features a large cast of characters. Sara has a Bachelor’s degree in English, Art History, and Religious Studies from the University of Denver, and a Master’s degree in Publishing from Pace University.

First Impressions

So far it’s still a little fumbled and without any clear end, but we are still beginning the story and trying to connect the dots with little info.

The plot begins to feel better by the middle when you have a little more info and have a more detailed information about some things that clearly need to be addressed.

By the middle it begins to pick up very interesting I might say and the mystery thickens by this point very nicely.


The characters were nicely done too, Marsh is very cold but she seems to have that as a good trait actually since it let her see  everything in another way, but don’t let that blind you, she is very explosive whenever the opportunity arise.

Webber was our emotional connection in this book, he was the good man and the goody two shoes that needed a lot of guide.

Ridley was a favorite, he was so interesting for so far, a little crazy maybe in my eyes but he was a genius in all computer wise things.

Something to look forward in this book is the development of the characters, all of them grows very good as the book move along.

Final Thoughts

By the end the plot gives you a feeling of closure in a way and even when it’s a little open at that point it doesn’t fell incomplete and it has an interesting emotion between the fun parts and the delicate ones throughout the book.

Overall I liked the book and would recommend it to any thriller lover out there.

Have you read any of the firsts ones? who is your favorite character on this cast?

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  1. Anna Legat

    Thank you kindly for reading and reviewing A Conspiracy of Silence 🙂



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