The Lost King

In an ancient place, in an ancient time…

King Athan vanishes at sea. His children, prince Thalos and princess Thara, drift apart with age, their kingdom falling into ruin. Thalos stubbornly clings to the past; Thara, resentful of her father, looks to the future. In the wake of this decline, a beautiful enchantress usurps the throne from the estranged siblings. She exiles Thalos to the edge of the world and slowly enslaves Thara’s mind.

In his exile, Thalos finds another castaway—an old comrade of his father. Together they begin a voyage in search of the lost king. Thara, meanwhile, resists the new queen’s coercive spells and finds a resistance of creatures still loyal to her father.

With a vast world of enchanted islands and beings between them, Thalos and Thara struggle to restore their family and rekindle the hope of the true king’s return.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

First Impressions

This one interested me from the start since its on the side of Greece’s or Rome alike stories about princes and heroes. It did depict very well all the places and thrives on the heroism of the past.


this one for me where a little harder to get to care about them since Thalos actually stuck me as a little foolish and prideful but in the context was to be expected to be that way, but for any reason the ones that struck me better on this where the smaller characters than anything.

Final Thoughts

At the end I couldn’t continue with this one, it began to feel so monotonous after a while, I had to decide to let it go because, for any reason the narration on my opinion it lacked something, maybe it was that it was so serious all the time but it killed the book for me.


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