Inspiration for the Characters of Scorpius Rex


I’m a visual thinker, so I tend to scour the web for photographs to help inspire my characters. Scorpius Rex was no exception.

char 1

DAVE BRANK’s visual inspiration goes all the way back to my childhood—it’s The Rifleman himself, Chuck Connors. Most people don’t know that this versatile actor was also a brilliant athlete who played professional basketball for the Boston Celtics and pro baseball for both the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Chicago Cubs. He was born Joseph Aloysius Connors, but baseball teammates christened him Chuck, due to his constantly shouting, “Chuck it to me!” to the pitcher. In 1973, Connors was invited to the White House to meet Soviet premier Brezhnev, where he presented the Russian with a pair of Colt .45 six-shooters. Brezhnev, a huge western fan, almost crushed Connors in a bear hug.

FUN FACT—Dave Brank’s real-life namesake was a guy I knew in the US Air Force. Dave liked to do push-ups and smoke cigars—often at the same time.

char 2

Uber bad guy KRUGER was inspired by Mad Max co-star Robert Ward. This Australian actor and former wrestler was usually cast as a heavy. In real life Ward was a sensitive artist and writer who’s 1960 novel The Set was one of the first Australian literary works to feature LGBTQ characters in a positive and thoughtful light. In 1970, the book was adapted into a film that’s considered a landmark is Aussie film history.

char 3

EMILY was inspired by filmmaker, actress and friend Amy Hesketh, who embodies the kind of fearless intelligence I wanted in that character. Hesketh is a tireless worker who never batted an eyelash at being tortured and almost burned to death while playing a character. Oh, and due to her career in education that’s Professor Hesketh … thank you very much. You can follow her creative exploits at

char 4

GOON was inspired by this photo of Canadian American NHL Defenceman Ken Daneyko—nicknamed Mr. Devil by New Jersey Devils fans. This amazing hockey player racked up over 2200 penalty minutes in the course of his career. Upon his retirement the Devils paid him the high honor of retiring his number.

char 5

RUBY JENKINS, the tough-as-nails, smart-as-a-whip US Aid officer was inspired by the legendary Eartha Kitt. This brilliantly talented and outspoken performer was sadly blacklisted for making anti-Vietnam War comments to Lady Bird Johnson during a White House visit. Despite numerous awards for stage and recording work Kitt is most fondly remembered for her smouldering portrayal of Catwoman in the 1960s Batman television series. She was purrfect in that role.

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