The Sword Of Agrippa

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A rogue scientist’s search for dark energy collides with forces intent on preserving the old ways. Powerful oligarchs control science and religion.

Roy Swenson, banned from the US, hits Prague on a quest for energy which will transform the world and lead to a new tech revolution, a new renaissance.

He is forced to continue his research in Eastern Europe. From Prague he sets the stage for the next battle. One he hopes to win.

His experiments with DMT, pineal glands and the properties of a strange new substance (graphene) propel him into the spotlight, and the pressures build. The war begins.

Mainstream industrial, political and religious leaders view him as a threat, not a joke. Dark energy could disrupt humanity’s view of everything.

Roy’s dreams take him to Egypt as a young Roman soldier, Marcus Agrippa. He falls for Samia, an Egyptian slave priestess. In the secret chambers of the Great Library, she guides him through mysteries political and cosmic.

Dreams power Roy/Agrippa through devastating events and sacrifices. Join his quest.

Travel from Prague in 2020 to the Great Library of Alexandria in 48 BC, on a journey linking ancient scrolls, dark energy sensors, majestic temples, and torch-lit torture chambers.

It was an interesting book, a little too technical for me, I can recommend it for people that likes very structured writing.

The writing is very specific and realistic and the future it portray is an interesting one where science seems to have reach its peak and some people want or are aware that everything around them is evolving even more.

for me as I said it was a little too heavy but it was very interesting the way the narrative tells you how everything have changed in a period of time and what have this done to people, a very cool addition on any sci fi lover shelf.


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