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fantasy / adventure

Cursed by a witch, Scarred by a Bear: Introducing Jaran Saerk.

Three misfits against an Empire.

Exiled from his home, rebellious Northman, Jaran Saerk, serves Imperial Shen in the long-running war against the Cardalan Republic. After illegally killing a man, Jaran falls foul of his Shen leaders and finds himself with enemies on all sides. His only desire is to find and kill the witch, Sheega, who stole his inheritance and murdered his kin. But first, he has to overcome the creatures she keeps sending his way.

Recently captured slave, Savarna, hides a dark secret and doesn’t plan on staying a slave for long. Once she’s escaped, she’ll slip inside the Golden Palace and kill the Empress of Shen. Easy… Unfortunately, plans change. Things get complicated for Savarna when she meets the belligerent Northman, Jaran Saerk

Finvar the Droll is a retired thief and former gang member. The talkative trickster allies himself with Jaran Saerk who––he insists––he can help in the Northman’s vendetta against the witch, Sheega. But can Jaran trust this talkative conniver? Reckless Finvar says he has a plan. If employed, it could well result in the death of them both.

Blood Feud is the first book in a new trilogy starring the characters above. The novel is also the latest edition in a stunning new fantasy series called Legends of Ansu. If you like tough action featuring gritty, humorous characters set to a vivid fantasy backdrop of war and vengeance, then you are going to love this new tale by JW Webb. 

391 pages – July 16th 2020

Rating: 5 out of 5.


I got interested in this one, because of a tour they were doing for it, and omg it was so amazing.

is a very well woven and structured fantasy story, it leaved me wanting more of it. The characters are very relatable in so many ways that you actually care for them, I want to know more about where this story it’s going later on, I need to know the end of this travels.

A marvelous story, it didn’t felt alienated at all and this one it’s the 9th on the series, it felt like the first.

The Plot

Since the first line, you can tell it’s very well woven, and this get better as you get through the chapters every time. It feels like everything comes in place the more you advance on the story and know the characters more, as the destiny begins to unfold, you get the feeling that everything comes in place bit by bit, and the twists will keep you on edge on every turn waiting to see what happens next.

The Characters

The characters are well designed and structured, you can see the links that bring them together as the story carry on.

Jaran, for me was very intriguing, knowing nothing of his self story, he is a very noble character and tries to go with what he thinks it’s the most righteous path.

Finvar, is the best companion ever, he is a crazy one, but doesn’t seem too bad so far, he is the surprise element throughout the book and I was delighted every time he was involved.

Savarna, the perfect female character, she is not only fierce but intelligent and determined, her heart it’s gold so far, she know they need her and stick around even wanting to go other ways and exact her revenge, she is shroud in a little mystery with her twin Vian, both of them from a very special lineage.

What’s next

So I got wind that next book on this three misfits is coming on December, so it will be the perfect Christmas Gift, if you like Nordic mythology and Adventures.

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