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Legal Thriller

Date Published:  May 2020

Publisher: TouchPoint Press


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Bestselling author Bob Brink …

A racist attorney faces a crisis of conscience – and danger –
while reluctantly defending a Black man brutally beaten by police and
charged with resisting arrest.

Hiram Garbuncle is a veteran criminal defense attorney—as well as a
racist, miserly alcoholic. His life revolves around hoarding money,
following sports, pursuing sex, drinking—and the prideful practice of

Alec Monceau is a black man working to support his daughter’s family
in Trinidad. It is 2008, and his car carries an Obama bumper sticker. This
political advertisement leads to a superfluous traffic stop and a brutal
beating by police.

It goes against Garbuncle’s grain to defend a black man from a charge
of violently resisting arrest, but he is so confident of winning that he is
negligent in the jury selection, and a mistrial occurs. He then discovers
incriminating evidence on the two cops, and his new challenge becomes how to
keep himself and his client alive pending a new trial.



 About the Author

Bob Brink is a journalist who worked with the Palm Beach Post, The
Associated Press in Chicago, Milwaukee Journal, Tampa Tribune, Joliet
Herald-News, and Palm Beach Media Group (magazines). His byline has been on
thousands of news stories, features, and entertainment reviews.

He has been a freelance writer for several years, and now is embarked on
writing novels. To promote his books, he has a website, with a blog on which
he addresses activities involving his books, other books, and three
passions: grammar, alternative health care, and socio-political issues. The
website address is:

His newest book, the legal thriller Blood on Their Hands, was published by
TouchPoint Press in May 2020. It followed Murder in Palm Beach: The Homicide
That Never Died, a roman a clef about a real, sensational 1976 murder that
made headlines for 15 years, and has advanced to the front pages again with
a new development in the case.

The initiating incident in Blood on Their Hands is the brutal police
beating of a Black man, and the theme of racial injustice and bigotry runs

Brink has won numerous writing accolades and several awards, including
three for Palm Beach Illustrated, which won the Best Written Magazine award
from the Florida Magazine Association after he became copy chief and

Besides dabbling in short-story writing over the years, Brink immersed
himself in learning to play the clarinet and tenor saxophone. He performed
many years with an estimable, 65-piece community symphonic band, and played
a few professional big band gigs. He relegated music to the back seat after
embarking on writing novels.

A product of Michigan and Iowa, Brink has a bachelor’s degree in
English and German from Drake University in Des Moines and completed
graduate journalism studies at the University of Iowa.

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