In the Devil’s Own Words


I got this one for an honest review.

Now I’m getting to see that with this author for some reason I get to like the endings a lot, but at some point at the beginning of the story it’s a little hard to follow all the things that are happening.

The story is interesting nonetheless just you will need to get past the confusion and all the things happening too fast at times.

Overall it’s entertaining.


Obtuve este para una reseña honesta.

Ahora estoy viendo que con esta autora, por alguna razón, me gustan mucho los finales, pero en algún momento al comienzo de la historia es un poco difícil seguir todas las cosas que están sucediendo.

La historia es interesante, sin embargo, solo habría que superar la confusión y todas las cosas que suceden demasiado rápido a veces.

En general es entretenido


Moving house has become a way of life for fifteen year old Isobel Miller; her father is an Army Major, her mother, a middle aged, pregnant, chain smoking alcholic! but the move to the village of Langham could be the straw that broke the camels back! To the truculent teenager it might as well have been to ‘Timbuktu’. Resentful of the baby, angry with her mother for dragging her away from civilisation to live in a village which has no street lighting let alone any decent shops.

The only light in her miserable existence, her grandfather, story-teller elite, her saviour. And when one of his macabre tales is mentioned in the local paper Isobel is drawn into the depths of evil and devil worship. Her world, and that of everyone around her turns on its axis.

The cause, a mysterious book, an omen, which once opened and read starts a cataclysmic chain of events and their lives are filled with tragedy and disaster. Salvation comes in the guise of three teenagers-Peter, Qswald and Ariel and the four form an alliance. A bond so strong nothing, can tear apart-nothing except maybe the devil himself…!


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