Netflix Favorites 2019

For me this year have been an awesome year in every sense, for books and for series and movies I have been discovering a lot of cool stuff on the web.

Now netflix wasn’t different and I have been binge watching some cool stuff that maybe you will find interesting too.

Dragon prince season 3 was awesome, everything about this one is so cool, I cannot wait for season 4.

So being a my little pony fan since I was little this one was a matter of time for me to sit and watch,’nostalgia beat me on this, haven’t seen all the seasons but i’m working on them right now.

It’s not as dark as the original because believe me the original was very dark compared to this cute one, but it’s fun to watch.

Final space season 2 was amazing, for having discovered this one almost by accident the first time, I couldn’t put it down now, it’s so entertaining and relatable that you just have to watch it.

In the Tall grass was one of those movies you actually see one time, have the hype and then just leave it there, it was very confusing actually but it was very cool.

Marianne actually had me just with the trailer when I watched it, I just wanted more.

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  1. Paula de Vera

    I already finished MLP and gosh you need to watch it until the end – tissues needed, I warn you xD-. Final space I need to advance with tje second season and Dragon Prince I kinda liked it a lot from what I have watched now. Let’s see what comes next 🙂 Happy new year!!


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