Devil’s Cross (Witchfinder #3)

Available in kindle and audible


Well this last one, redeemed the second one a little, was less over the place for me.

After getting used to Nigel voice it’s not that bad, that helped a lot in my case.

One thing I absolutely love was the sound effects, those captivated me everytime, specially the crows it was fun.

For me this one was pretty interesting, a little weird yes but what reality isn’t.

Sometimes I found it a little complicated the plot but the other times was pretty easy to follow.

The characters as usual complex and a little confusing but very human like in their decisions.

The story within

Adopted from an early age Angelica is looking for her mother. Regressed by her friend Max she is plunged into a world of murder and mystery, which belies her ordinary life.
Charlie her son is an addict and becomes involved with a religious cult, which forces him to re-examine the life choices he’s made.
Kane is trying to stay sober and will go to any lengths to protect the ones he loves. Poppy forever at his side is also struggling against demons.
With humankind on the brink of annihilation, a bond is created amongst the group as they struggle to survive. The results of their journey into the unknown are completely unexpected and mean their lives will never be the same.
This book maybe read as a standalone.

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