Character Interview: Arrogant Maker

Tell us your name and a little about yourself.

Lieutenant Arrogant Maker, Galactic Marine Corps. Service number…

Sorry, you probably aren’t interested in that. That’s the name-rank-and-serial-number response the military drills into you.

Anyway, I’m just a dumb Marine – spent a good bit of time enlisted, then left the service for a few years. During that time I apparently got fat and lazy, because they decided to reinstate me as an officer.

What are your views on the present situation at your country?

Well, at this juncture in humanity’s history, the concept of “country” as you probably mean it is a bit passé. Mankind is pretty much unified from the standpoint of conflict; there’s a whole universe out there that we have to remain cognizant of, and not everybody out there likes us.  Basically, we don’t have time to allow ourselves to be divided by internal borders along the lines suggested.

Bearing that in mind, if I could take your question and broaden it, I’d say that technologically the human race is at an advanced state, as our knowledge of the universe grows by leaps and bounds on a daily basis.  Socially, we’re more diverse and complex – some might even say fractured – but again, it’s still us against the universe to a certain extent.

Anything you can say to us about the next steps on your life?

After a few years as a civilian, I’m just glad to be in uniform again. However, as a Marine, I assume the top brass is going to find some skirmish where we need more boots on the ground and send us there to assist.

Will we see more of the good doctor?

Unquestionably. Despite my best efforts, Dr. Chantrey has not only ingratiated herself with me but completely embedded herself in my life. Bearing in mind that her specialty is human behavior, it’s entirely possible that she’s simply manipulated me into thinking that this relationship is what I want.  (I am a dumb Marine, after all.)  However, she’s utterly charmed Erlen as well, and – if this were pure manipulation on the good doctor’s part – I don’t think he would be fooled. 

In essence, this appears to be a real relationship, founded on real feelings, so she’s likely to be around for a while.

You have some pretty unique and maybe reckless ideas for battle, are those inspired on your past battles or more than anything the boost from a certain companion?

The ideas are my own – the product of a thought process that had its genesis in the many engagements I was involved in over the years. In short, by-the-book battle tactics are fine when you’re engaged in conventional warfare. However, when facing an enemy whose methods are heretical or nonconforming, you may have to embrace an approach that many would view as radical.

As to the boost, I think it’s risky to go with plans formulated under its influence. In essence, you may need the boost to pull it off.  On the flip side, with an idea you came up with via your own brainpower, that’s not something you have to worry about.

What do you think of your current team, they seem unique in all aspects of the word.

I love my team. As I’ve mentioned to others, I picked them not just because of their unique gifts, but because – like me – they all needed a second chance and they all had something to prove. With those elements as motivation, I knew they’d be formidable and they’ve proven me right. I wouldn’t trade them for the world.


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