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As soon as Angela Crowley set foot in Bradenton, Florida, she knew things had taken a turn for the worse. Behind her, the home she knew and loved. In front, too much sun, not enough friends, and a house with a dark secret. With her parents too busy to bother, Angela is left alone to deal with her fear–until she meets Tim–a boy from school who understands and trusts her. Everything appears to be working out. Even her fears have abated…until her father becomes ill. With the doctors unable to help, Angela races to save her dad. But can she decipher the riddles in her head in time?

Author Bio

Al Musitano has lived many lives.  At least one of them must have been as a teenage girl.  His writing comes from a place of darkness and confusion.  Traveling the world brought him to near-death experiences with headless horsemen, cannibal pigmies, and zombies.

These experiences, along with his fascination with the most confusing language on the planet, have convinced him to write these stories.  Are they fiction or remnants of memories?  Not even his psychiatrist knows for sure.


    • Joselyn Raquel

      suele pasar tu tranquila XD ahi vemos como le hacemos yo debo pulir un poco el mío

      • Fatima Cante

        Jajaja no sabía, pero bueno creo que voy en ruta

        • Joselyn Raquel

          Eso es bueno, yo ahi este creo que quedo mejorado ahora faltan los otros


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