Zero G

Audible Audio, Unabridged, 209 pages
Audible 4h 8m
4 stars

It’s one kid versus an entire band of space pirates in this cosmic middle grade caper from New York Times bestselling author Dan Wells.

Zero is just one of 20,000 people aboard a spaceship bound for a new planet set to be colonized. The journey is over a century long but luckily, everyone is in stasis, so they’ll be safe and sound asleep during the trip. Everyone that is, except for Zero, whose pod has malfunctioned, waking him up a hundred years early. His initial excitement in roaming the ship alone quickly turns to a heart-stopping interstellar adventure when a family of space pirates show up, trying to hijack the ship and take the colonizers hostage. With everyone he knows fast asleep, it’s up to Zero to think fast and find a way to stop them–all on his own.


This one was different from what I usually hear, but it was awesome actually.

I did have my doubts at first but zero’s story prove me wrong, it was exciting and edgy. 

a pretty good deal for a sci-fi book. I’m actually wanting more of this to know what happened with zero and nyx at the end. 

The very idea was super cool and the more I heard the more I couldn’t stop and it was fun too, with all the things going on for this kid in that spaceship.

A great storyline.


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