Retreat House

Paperback, 228 pages

Holly leads her church’s youth group, but many in the congregation believe she’s too young to supervise the kids. When she finds out that she’s pregnant, the pressure is on, and her secret love affair will start to show.

But that’s the least of her troubles.

She organizes an overnight fellowship retreat on Pine Cliff Island off the coast of Maine, and six teenagers show up for a night of good clean fun. When the power abruptly goes out, no one notices … until one of the teen-agers returns with a knife wound.

Most of the resident island snowbirds have flown south, phone service is nonexistent, and a madman stalks the night. Holly is the only one who stands between terrified teens and a lurking maniac. 

The race to survive long enough to escape may depend solely on teamwork … and knowing who to trust.


I received a free copy of this book and reviewed voluntarily.

For me this one should be a 3.5.

It began pretty slow, I was cool with that, the thing for me was that it began very much christian and the transition to a thriller was pretty much forceful than anything, this was a problem when I tried to get to involve me in the book, it just didn’t feel whole in a manner.

The ideas revolving the book were interesting, yes, as a priest daughter myself I could relate to much of it but the transitions between the scenes and the explanations for others were a little weird and sometimes i didn’t knew what I was actually reading.

The element of love and compassion was a good and nice one for the end and all but I think it went back and forth between trying to be a thriller, a romance novel and a christian novel but these parts weren’t as smoothly glued to each other so it felt more like I read 3 different books in different parts.

In an all, a nice reading to pass the time but a little hard to get invested in for the type of narration it was.

3.5 / 5


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