Day 3 Decluttering

Well in this one there’s actually pictures of what transpired more or less with the decluttering, I think this one for me was the most important since I’m a reader and love books a lot.

But actually narrow them down was pretty easy for me for some reason, I just needed to saw them to know which ones I actually wanted to stay with me and which ones I could part without another glance, few of them were on the category of maybe, maybe not, since the ones I actually chose to stay were the ones that almost you couldn’t get since they’re national stuff or discontinued and you actually can’t get a hold of them anymore.

For the rest of them I chose the ones I loved more and that i like to revisit if only to touch them a while since they has some particular meaning to me or were signed and stuff.

the only thing that I have left to do it’s the deposit, but for today I think I will try to rest some and finish in the week.

This was what stayed with me on the long run


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