Hell House

Review: I have to say that I bought it more for the cover, for some reason it enticed me and I bought it in a whim, but I don’t regret it.

It was truly interesting really and it kept me on edge the entire time, the characters were complex and very animated, at some point I thought that I was living this episode with them, they felt so alive.

The narrator was good and had a good pace at reading, it made understood the world and situation this characters were living like telling me of something that he saw somewhere.

Truly a good balance between horror and human essence.


Tengo que decir que lo compré por la portada, por alguna razón me atrajo y lo compré por capricho, pero no me arrepiento.

Realmente fue  interesante y me mantuvo al borde de la historia todo el tiempo, los personajes eran complejos y muy animados, en algún momento pensé que estaba viviendo este episodio con ellos, se sentían tan vivos.

El narrador era bueno y tenía un buen ritmo de lectura, hizo entender el mundo y la situación que vivían estos personajes, como si me dijera algo que vio en alguna parte.

Verdaderamente un buen equilibrio entre el horror y la esencia humana.


  1. Lilyn G

    The synopsis you have listed isn’t for Hell House? There’s no dinosaurs in it. (Though that would have made it extra fun.)

    Hell House was a quick, interesting read. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    • Joselyn Raquel

      Sorry my bad I thought I changed it before uploading, that onwe is for taken by the trex the previous review


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