Friday’s Face Off

Friday Face-Off is an idea originally thought up by Books By Proxy which I stole from the fantastic Books and Beyond Reviews.

The idea originally was to compare UK and US covers based on an assigned theme each week and choose the winning cover. I will be twisting it slightly: not specifically US and UK covers, just different editions.


Friday Face-Off es una idea originalmente pensada por Books By Proxy que vi y quise hacer del super blog de Book and Beyond Reviews.

La idea originalmente era comparar las portadas del Reino Unido y de los Estados Unidos sobre la base de un tema asignado cada semana y elegir la portada ganadora. Voy a ser torcer ligeramente: no específicamente EE.UU. y Reino Unido cubre, sólo diferentes ediciones.


This week’s theme is “ocean” and the quote with it is “”What would an ocean be without a monster lurking in the dark? It would be like sleep without dreams”

El tema de esta semana es “océano” y la cita con él es “” ¿Qué sería un océano sin un monstruo al acecho en la oscuridad? Sería como dormir sin sueños “


So I decided to compare Shadow over innsmouth by H.P. Lovecraft covers


Cover A

Image result for shadow over innsmouth covers

Cover B

Image result for shadow over innsmouth covers

Cover C

Image result for shadow over innsmouth covers

Cover D

Image result for shadow over innsmouth covers

Cover E

Image result for shadow over innsmouth covers

Cover F

Image result for shadow over innsmouth covers

Cover G

Image result for shadow over innsmouth covers

Cover H

Image result for shadow over innsmouth covers

Now they all look interesting and I love horror books that’s why I decided to go with this one, for me The Winner is A it has something about those fishes that give me the creeps, now the F and the H have a special place in my heart too, let me know which one you liked best, do you agree with me in A? you liked more another and why? let me know in the comments.

Ahora todos ellas parecen interesantes y me encantan los libros de horror por eso decidí ir con éste, para mí El Ganador es A tiene algo sobre esos peces que me da escalofríos, ahora el F y el H tienen un lugar especial en mi corazón también, déjame saber cuál te gusto más, ¿están de acuerdo conmigo en A? Te gustó más otra portada y por qué? Házmelo saber en los comentarios.

Next week will be looking for a cover featuring a clown: “Nobody likes a clown at midnight”. I think everyone knows which one I’m doing but we never know and maybe I surprise you all.

La semana que viene estará buscando una portada con un payaso: “A nadie le gusta un payaso a medianoche”. Creo que todos sabemos cual elegiré pero quien sabe y llego a sorprenderlos. 

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  1. CAOZ

    I also agree with A, the white eyes of those fish make them look so creepy and unsettling. I also like F a lot it gives that feeling that the whole town is involved in it, really fitting and last to me is D just because it reminds me of old-school Scooby Doo and other Hanna-Barbera type of cartoons. Really liking the covers face-offs.


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