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Evan Gabriel wasn’t always a feared and respected North American Federation Navy Commander. Before dangerous missions to the ice-bound planet of Poliahu, the deadly jungle world of Eden, and politically corrupt Mars, he was a simple recruit, fighting to make his mark in the elite Naval Special Forces…and was part of a top-secret military experiment that would change his life forever.

Zero Point tells the tale before the science fiction/adventure trilogy, a tale of a young man faced with difficult choices and dangerous trials. Fans of the series will see part of the mysterious past Evan Gabriel carries with him, while readers new to the series get a preview of what is to come in a military man’s haunted life.

Zero Point is the true beginning of Evan Gabriel, and his story is just getting started.

Language: English

Serie: Evan Gabriel Trilogy, book 0.5


I came across Gabriel on my search for free audible files, and it was interesting.

i liked the sci fi theme at points it was like somehing between alien and terminator it was pretty cool and fun to hear.

gabriel i like him.he is pretty complex and i liked that a lot, the experiment such a cool thing to feature, love it.

I do think later on I will try to pick up the series.






Evan Gabriel no siempre fue un comandante de la Armada estadounidense Federación Norte temido y respetado. Antes de misiones peligrosas para el planeta por el hielo de Poliahu, el mundo de la selva mortal del Edén, y políticamente corrupta Marte, que era un recluta sencilla, luchando para dejar su huella en la élite de las fuerzas especiales navales … y fue parte de una tapa -El secreto experimento militar que cambiaría su vida para siempre.

Punto Cero cuenta la historia antes de la trilogía de ciencia ficción / aventura, una historia de un joven que se enfrenta a decisiones difíciles y peligrosas pruebas. Los fans de la serie podrán ver parte del misterioso pasado Evan Gabriel lleva con él, mientras que los lectores nuevos en la serie reciben un adelanto de lo que está por venir en la vida encantada de un militar.

Punto Cero es el verdadero comienzo de Evan Gabriel, y es sólo el comienzo de su historia.

Idioma: Inglés

Serie: Trilogía de Evan Gabriel, libro 0.5


Me encontré con Gabriel en mi búsqueda de libros gratis de audible, y me pareció interesante.

Me gustó el tema de ciencia ficción en los puntos que era como algo entre terminator y alien, la verdad que fue muy bueno y divertido para escuchar.

Gabriel me gusta. es bastante complejo y eso me gustó mucho, el experimento fue un buen punto para explotar en la historia me encanto.

Creo que más adelante voy a tratar de leer toda la serie.



  1. empressdj

    I’ve never tried an audiobook

    • Joselyn Raquel

      Oh you should try with this one it was cool

  2. Alan D.D.

    Hum, I tried audiobooks and it was kinda hard, but I could try this one despite it is a SciFi story (Not my usual kind of reading.)

    • Joselyn Raquel

      They help a lot 😀

  3. Curly Carla

    I love audio books! This books blurb doesn’t sound all that interesting but I love this genre so maybe I’ll give it a shot.

    • Joselyn Raquel

      Please do you will laugh a little at some parts

  4. Alisha Webster

    love audiobooks!

    • Joselyn Raquel

      They’re live savers since i fon’t have enough time to read these days

  5. Anita

    I didn’t realize there were free audiobooks, on Audible?? I have had a subscription to Audible for a while, and I also get a lot of books from the library. I love listening while I’m at work.

    This isn’t usually my genre, but it sounds good – action packed fun!

    • Joselyn Raquel

      Theyre pretty rare but sometimesit happens more than anything novellas

  6. wtibamosa

    Interesante Blog.

    • Joselyn Raquel

      Gracias me alegra que te agrade


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