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Misfortune Market is a novella length standalone story, and is designed to be read after The Awakening (and optionally The Veil: Corruption).

When a new Awakening is kidnapped by Rogues, Orion squad is sent on a covert rescue mission. Their assignment takes them into the old Victorian sewers where the infamous Misfortune Market is in full swing – a dangerous trading post for corrupt Pandemonians, where the Alliance has no reach.

What lies in wait for Alex and the rest of the team is more than any Guardian can ever prepare for.

Series: Hasea Chronicles (book 1.5)

Pages: 85

Language: English


This one was so interesting really and gave a little more insight on some things happening in the city and now on the veil, I really liked it.

It did show a little darker aspect of this series and how it has developed from the first book and what to expect for the last one. I thinks this series grow on you as you grow with it really.

I think Misfortune Market although darker, is too full of hope for what is awaiting them on the other side of the veil too since not everyone on this city or in any of the world is corrupted or evil, some of them just want normality to come back and have a little peace, now only waiting final book The Raising.




Serie: Crónicas de Hasea (libro 1.5)

Páginas: 85

Idioma: Inglés


Éste fue interesante y realmente me dio una visión más amplia en algunas cosas que suceden en la ciudad y ahora en el velo, me gusto bastante.

Se mostró un pequeño aspecto más oscuro de esta serie y cómo se ha desarrollado a partir del primer libro y qué esperar para el último. Yo pienso que esta serie se arraiga en ti a medida que creces con ella.

Creo que Misfrotune Market, aunque más oscuro, tambien esta lleno de esperanza para lo que les espera en el otro lado del velo también, ya que no todo el mundo en esta ciudad o en cualquier parte de los mundos está corrupto o es malo, algunos de ellos sólo quieren un poco de normalidad  y tener un poco de paz, ahora solo espero el libro final The Raising.




  1. empressdj

    sounds like the story is heating up

    • Joselyn Raquel

      It is and is soo cool


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