Blogger Interview

– Tell us a little about yourself
My names Hope. I’m a 27 year old  wife and mommy of two. I’m an introverted avid reader recreational writer who likes to cook only sometimes. When im not on the run with the family I can be  found browsing the internet.
How did you decide to start your blog?
I first noticed blogs on good reads and immediately fell in love. I left a few comments here or there but got no real feed back. But before I’d discovered goodreads I’d had a lot to say about my current read. So I made a blog. I hadn’t even learned how active the blogging community was when I started.
– How long you dedicate your blog in a week?
Its really hard to say when I start off making changes to my blog and get distracted by something I saw on Pinterest or Facebook. And am I working on my blog by browsing other blogs? If so I spend about 40 hours a week on the computer, a good part of that doing something blogish or bookish.
– Which sagas you liked most this year?
This year I loved Graceling, the winners kiss , unravel you.
– Have you met many people doing the blog? Personally I’ve only met a few, like 2. Its been a challenge to change my quiet introverted ways. But I’m working on it.
– Which authors have influenced you through their stories?
Oh Under The Never Sky by Veronica Rossi impressed and inspired me. In the end I loved the life long love I’m having for the series. I found too many forgettable after a while or I’ve just lost interest but I found this book to just make me happier and happier. I’d love to make people happy like that.
– What genres you like to read more? I like any genre with a good love story. Ya, paranormal, sci fi, contemporary.
– You have a social network for your blog, where we can find you?
Yes, Facebook, twitter, good reads Instagram.
– Any comments for other readers?
Support authors we love so much with reviews and no piracy. And Don’t be afraid to say hello! We all love attention
– What is your impression of Book Wormie Spot, something that can be improved? Its super cute and easy to navigate. I’m also impressed with the services you offer


  1. Carla Waluck

    Great interview, what a great way to introduce new bloggers to our community.

  2. DJ Sakata

    This is such a cool idea!


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