Character Interview with Scotty Williams

1.   If you had a free day with no responsibilities and your only mission was to enjoy yourself, what would you do?
I would most definitely get all my friends and loved ones together for a day of hanging out and gaming. We’d start off with Munchy Monster battles on our Gameguys and then follow on to a huge afternoon-long special of our favourite board game Dungeon Adventure. After that, I’d make sure to order loads of takeaway food and watch a ton of cheesy films together. That would be the best day ever! (And then when everyone went home maybe a cheeky snogging session with Vincent? Sorry, was that too much information?)
2.   What impression do you make on people when they first meet you? How about after they’ve known you for a while?
When people first meet me, they usually think I’m a dorky, socially awkward nerd. After they’ve known me for a while, they come to realise that their first assumptions were incredibly correct.
3.   What’s your idea of a good marriage? Do you think that’ll happen in your life?
To me a good marriage is being with that one person who really understands you and gets who you are. Someone you can just be yourself with a hundred percent. The person who is always fighting your corner and loves you just the way you are. Will it happen in my life? I really, really hope so… And I know who I want it to happen with… OK next question!!
4.   What are you most proud of about your life? (If they answer with something other than a personal statement, like a business achievement, ask “What about on a personal level?”)
I’m proud of myself for making it through secondary school without going insane or managing to get myself killed somehow.
5.   What are you most ashamed of in your life? (Again, if necessary ask “What about on a personal level?”)
There are a lot of things I’m ashamed of right now to be perfectly honest. I’m ashamed that I’m too scared to stand up for myself better against the bullying that’s been happening to me. I’m ashamed of a past relationship that should have never, ever happened. And I’m most ashamed of the huge lie I’m keeping from the people I love most. But I just don’t know how to make everything right again…

6.   If you could spend the day with someone you admire (living or dead or imaginary), who would you pick?
Vincent Hunter. If I could spend the day with anyone in any time period, in any state of living consciousness, I would a hundred percent pick Vincent Hunter, every single time. Ha, you thought I was going to say Einstein didn’t you?
7.   Do you think you’ve turned out the way your parents expected?
Well, I certainly hope so. I’ve tried my best to be a good, hard-working son. I’ve never gone off the rails and started doing drugs or hanging around in graffiti motorcycle gangs (or whatever it is bad kids do… I have no idea). I think my Mum is proud of me. And I hope my Dad would be too if he was still here.
8.   What do you believe about God? (If they believe in God, ask “What do you suppose God thinks of you?”)
I’m not really a religious person, I’m much more of a science man. I truly believe that all the answers we seek in our life can be found within ourselves if we just look hard enough.
9.   Is there anything you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t done? What would happen if you did it?
I’ve always wished I had the guts to say what it is I really feel to people’s faces. I get so tongue-tied when I’ve got something I need to say and the words seem to come out all twisted. I’m not sure what would happen if I was just a bit braver. If I could just be honest with people I care about… Maybe my life would be a whole lot easier. Or maybe it would just fall apart.
10.         What’s the worst thing that’s happened in your life? What did you learn from it?
My Dad died in a car accident  when I was fourteen. It was the most awful thing to ever happen to me and even worse was seeing how much it destroyed my Mum. But we got through it, together. Ever since then I’ve come to realise that life is short and precious so we should all just do what makes us happy no matter what other people think about it.
11.         Tell me about your best friend. (If you think it might be interesting, ask “How did you meet? What do you like about this person? What do they like about you?”)
My very best friend is Olive Jones, head girl of Havensdale sixth form. We met in junior school where we were put in the same class and she started bossing me around on a class project together. We have rarely been apart ever since. She is strong-willed, fiery, hilarious, creative and she has always been there for me when I’ve needed her. She’s the greatest friend anyone could ever ask for. Plus she loves all the same geeky stuff that I love!
12.         What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done to someone? Why? (“Why” is usually a good follow-up question to any response!)
The worst thing I’ve ever done is to lie to people I care about. I hate doing this, but I’m only trying to protect them…
13.         What would you like it to say on your tombstone?
Scotty Williams – A good friend, a good student and Havensdale’s highest scorer on Munchy Monsters (Battle Dome Edition).
14.         Describe your ideal mate.
I’m gay, so first of all a male type person would be nice. Preferably someone tall, dark, brooding… Maybe with a leather jacket who plays in a rock band… Who has a seriously soppy side that only I ever get to see… Any guesses as to who I might be describing here?
15.         What are you most afraid of?
I’m afraid of Taylor Raven, my bully. I’m scared of what he can do to me and my family if I don’t do what he says. Every time I even see him in the corridor I feel scared because he is putting me through hell and I can’t stop him. I hate that he makes me feel like this.
16.         What’s the most important thing in your life? What do you value most?
My friends and my family are the most important thing to me. Without them then everything else just seems pointless. That’s why I have to try and protect them at all costs.
17.         What do you like best about yourself? Least?
I like everything about me. I think I’m pretty smart and fun and a good person. I’m a nerd and proud! The only thing I wish I could change was my ability to stand up for myself a little more…
18.         What do you like best about [the other character]? Least?
What do I like best about Vincent? I think I could be here for hours writing a list of all my favourite things about him, but my number one reason is that he is incredibly kind. Not that you would know that from the bad reputation he’s got around the school, but just trust me on this fact. He’s a good person.
19.         How do you feel about your life right now? What, if anything, would you like to change?
Right now life is pretty confusing. Olive always tells me my life is like a bad soap opera and I think she might be right. Getting closer to Vincent has been absolutely amazing, but he sends out so many mixed messages. And then there is Taylor to deal with… I wish I could just speak up more and maybe some of these problems wouldn’t feel so bad.
20.         Are you lying to yourself about something? What is it?


It’s not that I’m lying to myself, more like I’m lying to everyone else around me. Although maybe I really am lying to myself if I think I can keep getting away with this…





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