Review: Lights Out

More from Darcy Coates, really she is a genius on horror.

An awesome book, it chilled my veins and make me wonder from where that plot came from, I have my theories. If you like Dr. Who, you have to read and i’m assure you, you will love it.

Super cool short for any horror and suspense fan. it will have you thrilled and turning the pages as fast as you can.

This one doesn’t have a happy ending but i love it because that is how horror should be done, it creates a wondering atmosphere and enthrall you until the end.

Más de Darcy Coates, de verdad que es una genio en el horror.

Un libro impresionante, que heló mis venas y hacen que me pregunte de donde esa parcela viene y me hizo preguntarme de donde venia esa trama,aunque tengo mis teorías. Si te gusta Dr. Who, tienes que leer este y te aseguro, te va a encantar.

Super genial libro corto para cualquier fan de terror y suspenso. te tendrá emocionado y pasando las páginas tan rápido como puedas.

Éste no tiene un final feliz, pero me encanta porque así es como se debe escribirse el terror, se crea un ambiente incierto y te mantendrá prestando  atención hasta el final.


  1. Michaela Mills

    Is it pretty scary? Or just suspenseful? How does it relate to Doctor Who… I'm curious. 🙂

  2. Joselyn Raquel Moreno Burke

    Its a little of both, you could say is so suspenful that is scary.And well I watched an episode in doctor who one time and something very alike happened there 🙂

  3. Anita Loves2Read

    Whew…I'm not much for scary – but I'm glad you enjoyed it! 🙂


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