Blog of Excellence Award

I was nominated by my friedn Eve Stelle of Edge Of Night for an award that is brand-new to the blogosphere: the Blog of Excellence Award. 

The award was created by Bella of Bella’s Bright Bookshelf  she got inspired to create her own award after coming across Eve’s Blogger Recognition Award post.

The Rules

1. You have to nominate 5 other blogs (sorry no self nominations)

2. Let each of your nominees know that they have been nominated for this award, by emailing, commenting on their blog, or any other way to contact them.

3. Write a post about that you were nominated for this award, why you started your blog, and how long you have had it. You also have to post the link to the Original Rules Post.

4. Make sure that the blog you have nominated is up to date.

5. Spread the love. All bloggers love it when they know someone appreciates their blog!

I started my blog because….

I was starting to do lots of reviews on goodreads and amazon. In goodreads I belong to a group called Lovers of Paranormal and they have this cool mechanic called Read 2 Review and I began to see a lot of people had book blogs and posted lots of interesting things and with some of friends I too created a group called La Armada de las Nutrias lectoras that was like a book club online and then I decided since I was getting immersed on that world to do my own Book Blog ands share all my reviews and help authors and other readers. 

I have had Book Wormie Spot since november 2014 I stopped blogging on december and due to work and some other life changing events it took until march of this year to come blog again but since then I have been blogging every week.


Anita @ iloves2read

Felita @ lilacreviews
Demi @ abookaday
Rosarita @ iscreambooks
Thanks again Eve for nominating me and to Bella for create this lovely award.

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  1. Anita Morgan

    Awesome! And thanks for the nomination.


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