The Dreams Forgotten

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Evelyn’s twin sister, Tessa, was murdered. Her father is dead. Her mother is a kleptomaniac hoarder.

Her dreams are becoming too real, and they are crossing over into her world. Evelyn is at the center of a battle that spans universes, and she holds the key to saving us all in her soul. Not that she knows any of this. She has no idea that she is powerful. That she is loved. Desired. Special.

All Evelyn thinks is that she is going insane.

All Evelyn thinks is that she is going insane.

Book One of the Four Part ‘Dream Thief Cycle’. This is a young adult title with some violence and is recommended for ages fourteen and up.

Why I didn’t like it

It didn’t really click with me, I found it a little slow and too daily to be a fantasy. The characters weren’t that impressive or anything in my opinion. The story was almost too normal at the beginning maybe that was what I didn’t really like, it was too simple as it was.

But if you like book to correlate and find yourself in the pages this one is perfect for you.


  1. Joselyn Raquel Moreno Burke

    I try to be honest always, just because I would want people to be honest with me too. now I don't try to destroy anyone I always try to be clear that it was me not the book, I suppose it just tastes.


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