I found this author very recently and this little story left me wanting for more.

The book is from a series called Good Tales for Bad Dreams by V.M. Sawh, and it was so good for being a 35 pages book.

This particular one is the tale of Anna one of the “Supposed Anastasia” and how everything didn’t go according to plan and what happens to her after that.

It’s very spicy and super awesome to read, you will be begging for more after you finish this one I promise…

The descriptions  put on it are just delicious, This book it’s what you need if you loved fairy tales as children but want something more dark and sexy when you grow up.

The other two are Cinders, the story of Rella, the soon to be Cinderella and Hontas, your nothing conventional Pocahontas I’m sure….


You can find Anastasia Free on Wattpad: Click here to star the journey
Cinder and Hontas for $.99 on Amazon: 

About the author

                                     V.M. Sawh

V.M. Sawh was born in South America and grew up in Toronto, Canada. He’s had pen and paper in his hand since he was 6 years old and his first trilogy of novels was completed at age 16. Despite the urgings of his Writer’s Craft professor, he didn’t publish at the time. He’s spent the years between then and now honing his craft and engaging in all manner of geeky pursuits including assembling a ridiculous collection of graphic novels, anime and movies.
He often fears that if he doesn’t write, the characters in his head will sing Barbara Streisand songs to him non-stop until their stories are told.

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Encontre a este autor hace poco y esta corta historia me dejó queriendo más.
El libro pertenece a una serie llamada Buenos Cuentos para Malos Sueños de V.M. Sawh y es muy bueno para ser un libro de 35 páginas. 
Este en particular es la historia de Anna, una de las impostoras de Anastasia, y de como todo no salió de acuerdo al plan y de lo que sucede luego con ella. 
La historia es bien picante y super interesante de leer, les aseguro que rogaran por mas luego de leer esta seguramente.
Las descripciones son simplemente deliciosas, este es el tipo de libro que necesitas leer si te encantaban los cuentos de hadas de niño y ahora de grande quieres algo un poco más oscuro y sexy.  
Los otros dos son Cinder, la historia de Rella, que pronto será Cenicienta y Hontas, la historia de una nada convencional Pocahontas te lo aseguro… 

Pueden encontrar Anastasia gratis en Wattpad: Clic aquí para descubrir
Cinders y Hontas las encuentran en Amazon a $.99:


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